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About Us

PomPom transforms the senior care experience by providing exceptional boutique-level services. We connect older adults to a range of professional services, including companionship, tech support, advocacy during medical appointments, and more! Family members, near and far, can book services on their behalf, collaborate on their care, and receive communication. We are committed to superior services, safety, and enriched independence while easing family concerns. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to 24-hour care or traditional long-term care facilities.

With PomPom, we can help older adults live independently in their own homes. Join us, and gift you and your loved one’s true peace of mind.

Company Values

Strength-based Aging

We celebrate the strength and vigor inherent in aging. Recognizing that many older adults live independently, we tailor our support based on individual needs.

Family-Centered Approach

We acknowledge the pivotal role families play in caregiving. To alleviate their stress and prevent feelings of guilt, we allow bookings on behalf of loved ones.


Each older adult is unique. Our vetted providers are committed to honoring this individuality and helping them achieve their goals.


At PomPom, we empower both older adults and their families to make informed decisions about their care, striving always to deliver exceptional support.

Fun & Laughter

PomPom knows how important it is for older adults’ well-being to have light-hearted interactions and spontaneous fun!

Why The Name PomPom

We wanted a name that captured the essence of our vision while highlighting the importance of fun and laughter in the lives of older adults.  Aging may bring challenges, but it’s crucial to remember that older adults still want to have a great time and enjoy themselves, especially when they know time on earth isn’t forever.

So, PomPom it is!  Each “Pom” in our name represents a different aspect of our mission. One Pom symbolizes the older adult, embodying their experiences, wisdom, and desires. The other Pom represents the family members, showcasing their love, care, and dedication to supporting their older loved ones. Together, these Poms create a powerful bond, intertwining the paths of seniors and their families in a journey filled with laughter, happiness, and peace of mind.

With PomPom, we aim to redefine aging, nurture intergenerational connections, and spread happiness throughout the lives of older adults and their families.  Join us on this extraordinary adventure as we make every day a celebration of life, love, and laughter!

Meet the dynamic team behind our vision

At the core of our startup is a team bonded not just by professional synergy but by personal experiences. We are children of aging parents, facing the distinct challenges of the “sandwich generation” — a term that captures the predicament of individuals caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. This dual responsibility places us in the middle, much like the filling in a sandwich, often feeling pressure from both sides.

Drawing from these shared journeys, we are united in our dedication to alleviate the complexities and stresses of managing life’s responsibilities. Through our diverse professional roles, we’re committed to offering solutions that are both empathetic and efficient, ensuring that you’re supported every step of the way.

Caelie Doyle

CEO & Founder

A decade of executive leadership experience, specialized in strategy and operations, complemented by five years in startup environments.

Paige West

President & Founder

Clinical counseling experience in both community and hospital settings, specializing in family and individual modalities.

Susan NG

Founder & Recruitment

Twenty years experience as a registered social worker, primarily in hospital settings.

Kelsey Myhra

Founder & Admin

Majoring in accounting with oil and gas experience.

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